The Louis Stettner Estate is dedicated to the preservation and advancement of the seventy-year creative legacy of Louis Stettner. The Estate maintains the photographic archives, painting and sculpture works, writings and personal papers concerning his life in photography. The Estate also works toward serving as a comprehensive resource regarding the artist and his life’s work, while remaining ever mindful of his credo:

My way of life, my very being, is based on images capable of engraving themselves indelibly in our inner soul’s eye. Also, through my personal vision, to reveal what cannot be readily seen, to capture what is most meaningful, to enrich our appreciation of life. It is to explore and celebrate the human condition and the world around us, nature and man together, to find significance in suffering and all that is profound, beautiful and nourishes the soul. Above all, I believe in creative work through struggle to increase human wisdom and happiness.

License & contact

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