From 6 June to 15 September 2024

The variety of the subjects he covers and the permanent social content of his images are the main features of the work of the North American photographer Louis Stettner (New York, 1922-Paris, 2016), with a long and very interesting trajectory that has so far not received the recognition it deserves.

Stettner’s life straddled New York and Paris, and he remained rooted in two worlds at a time when most photographers just related to one of them. In this sense, his work is reminiscent of both the aesthetics of New York street photography and the poetic gaze of traditional French urban photography, always against the backdrop of his social concern and his determination to reflect the dignity of the human being.

The exhibition, made up of more than 180 photographs covering Stettner’s entire career, aims to alleviate the lack of knowledge that still exists about his personality and the relevance of his work.

Fundación MAPRE KBr Photography Center
Avenida Litoral, 30 – 08005 Barcelona